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Our Marine Upholstery Services

Whether you just bought a used boat and are unhappy with the seating, or if your boat needs a good face lift to make it look new again, we'll gladly provide you with our expert upholstery services to get your boat looking new again!


Our professional staff will ensure the new upholstery looks exactly how you wanted it to look.

Why Update Your Boat's Upholstery

The existing upholstery could be damaged, worn, or just in need of an update. If you've had a boat for years, you might just be tired of the way that it looks. New upholstery will give it a fresh new look without breaking the bank.


- Affordable

- Professional services

- Gives your boat a new look

- Repairs damaged upholstery

What We'll Upholster

We'll upholster all boat seating. We'll also provide repairs to the boat seats as well to ensure they're in great condition.

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