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Premium Commercial Upholstering

If your office building, medical facility, restaurant, or other type of business has outdated furniture, our upholstering services are a great option because we can upholster a variety of items for an affordable price.


Upholstering services are much cheaper than buying new furniture.

Money Saving Option

Just because you're tired of the way your business furniture looks does not mean you need to break the bank buying all new furniture. We can provide you with premium upholstering services that will make your businesses' furniture look great again!

Benefits of Commercial Upholstering

- Saves money

- Great way to customize

- Makes old furniture look new again

- Provides more professional looking furniture

What We Upholster

We'll upholster anything in your business. This includes restaurant seating, chairs in a medical facility, seating for hotels, banks, churches, and banquettes. If you have a certain color scheme in mind, we'll gladly match your furniture to it.

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